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A question by letslickloki


8. What’s your favorite season?
19. What was the last thing you said to your mom?
“that works for me. I’ll talk to you later” wish it was more exciting
22. Can you sing well?
I sing ok :3 I’m in theatre etc. so I like to think I’m at least passable
26. Do people often mispronounce your name?
nah but people often call me Justin I bonded with an og Justin recently over this >:-|
37. How late do you usually stay up at night?
Usually like 1-2 during the summer or midnight during the school year but there are always weird nights
41. Would you ever date someone you met on tumblr/the Internet?
48. Do you like yourself?
yeah, I try to. It’s important to like yourself.
49. State five facts about your appearance:
1- I have curly blond hair
2- I have blue eyes
3- I usually wear converse and button-downs
4. my right thumb is usually painted
5. I have big, black&green glasses when I’m not wearing contacts
50. State five facts about your personality-
1- I’m really in the middle between introverted and extroverted
2- when I’m angry or annoyed I stop talking
3- I have some degree of experience/ability in every one of “the arts” except for drawing/painting/visual :(
4- I try to be a good friend but don’t take shit or coddle so if you notice me being nice to you I’m trying to say I like you a lot
5- I think love is a word that’s used too often

that was a lot 🙈

I always think your URL says fartsphalt or arsephalt I am so sorry Also you're hot just thought id throw that out there

A question by Anonymous

lol thank you anon